A happy buoy

A happy buoy

The longest journey ever undertaken in kitesurf alone and etch

A happy buoy
  • Synopsis

    In September 2010, Jordi Muns undertook an extraordinary adventure: to kite-surf the 1.300 Km of the Brazilian coastline. This exploit was a solo effort, even down to the filming. Apart from establishing an amazing record, it stretched the limits of his personal and emotional endurance and it led to a relationship of mutual respect between Jordi and the sea.

  • Technical

    • Format 1×50’ – 16:9 – Colour – HD
    • Genre Adventure documentary
    • Audience All publics
    • Year of production 2011
    • V.O. Spanish
    • V.S. English or French
  • Locations

    Brazil (North coast) and Arenys de Mar (Barcelona)

  • Crew

    • Director Jordi Muns and Eloi Tomàs
    • Director of photography Jordi Muns
    • Executive producer Oriol Garcia Farré
    • Producer Jordi Muns and Eloi Tomàs
    • Screenplay Eloi Tomàs
    • Editing Eloi Tomàs
    • Original music Miquel G. Font
    • Sound post-production Jordi Solans Teixiné
    • Starring Jordi Muns
  • Production

    • Produced by Soul Produccions, Jordi Muns and Eloi Tomàs
    • Sponsored by Ozone and TAP Portugal
    • With the collaboration ofTakua, Kite Caipirinha Brasil, Habemus Corpus, Vallès Televisió and Kite Boarding.com
  • Festivals

    • 3rd edition of BCN Sports Film Festival (Catalonia – 2012)
    • 2nd edition of Chamonix Adventure Film Festival (France – 2012)
    • 8th edition of Inkafest Mountain Film Festival (Peru – 2012)
    • 9th  edition of Festival du Film Aventure of La Rochelle (France – 2013)
    • 7th edition of Festival Mondial du Film de Mer of Dunkerque (France – 2013)
    • 22nd edition of Festival International du Film Aventure of Dijon (France – 2013)
    • 10nd edition of Festival du Film Aventure of Reunión Island (France – 2014)

  • Awards

    • Awarded as Jury Award for the 9th edition of Festival du Film d’Aventure La Rochelle (France – 2012)
    • Awarded as Best Film at Adventure Water Sports for the 7th edition of Festival Mondial du Film de Mer of Dunkerque (France – 2013)
    • Awarded the Prize of the Youth for the 7th edition of Festival Mondial du Film de Mer of Dunkerque (France – 2013)
    • Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 22nd edition of Festival International du Film Aventure of Dijon (France – 2013)
  • Broadcast

    France Télévision and Off Channel in Brazil

Soul Produccions